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 I see this question a lot on Facebook and have been meaning to do this post for some time ~ “Where is a good place to buy burp cloths?” My answer is Embroider This. I’ve been ordering their burp cloths for a long time and they are wonderful! I buy the 4×6 ply Cotton Prefold Diaper. They also sell 2×5 ply, but I’ve only ordered the 4×6 ply. Anyway, here is my comparison to a Gerber cloth diaper I purchased at Walmart or Target. I think Gerber makes a premium cloth diaper and this may or may not be one of them ~ this was in a pack of 12 I purchased once when I had run out of the ET diapers and did not have time to order. I used a couple, kept a couple and sold the rest at a yard sale!

The diaper on the left is the Embroider This diaper and obviously it is a smidge bigger and the space between the inseams where the monogram or applique usually go is larger, which is a plus! You may also notice that the ET diaper is thicker ~ on the G diaper you can almost see through the side panels. I find that the ET end seams are typically even too (straight seam), whereas the G diaper ends can sometimes be crooked which makes sewing fabric or ribbon on a little tricky.

The end seams on the ET diaper are also “neater” to me. Can you tell a difference? I am not bashing Gerber diapers at all and they are fine to use (and I’d be interested to really see how the premium diapers compare). I just prefer the Embroider This diapers and try to recommend them when I get this question! I hope this helps!

Here are a few more kitchen pictures and I promise to move on from the kitchen! Let me say that I am not a designer or decorator (nor do I play one on TV). This kitchen renovation has been a HUGE process for our family and I’ve enjoyed being able to share it along the way! It’s also been super fun to “document” it along the way for our friends and family! Jeff & I can barely hang a picture together, so the fact that we survived this major renovation is a reason to celebrate! Anyway, I got a few bar stools today after hours upon hours of web-shopping and 6 trips to World Market, Pier 1, Target and another furniture store. We went with inexpensive (these are from Pier 1), “leather” (easy to wipe off), no arms (easy to store under the counter) and non-swivel (less counter banging and horse-play from the kids). Since the people who are going to sit here the most are 8 and under, I think we made the right decision!

We have a lot of space in our kitchen including this “area” behind the island. Not sure what we’ll put there? Maybe a little gathering area w/ a little seating? A couple of chairs, small table, lamp?

We also have this space between the kitchen and eating area where we talked about putting some type of console table with a piece of artwork over it. There used to be cabinets here! Sissy is also showing us her ballet moves.

Here is another view, and the chandelier above our table came with the house. I would like to replace it sometime (hi Jeff!!) since the shades that were on it no longer match, and the “bronze” of the chandelier doesn’t really match anymore either. The wish list is long! We have no rugs and nothing hung on the walls but a clock. Baby steps!

That is seriously it for a while! I’m working on customer orders this week and we have several new designs coming at Applique Cafe. They are all previewed on Facebook! Have a great week and thanks for following along! Oh, BTW…



  1. Girl – spray paint that light fixture!! It’s a cheap, easy way to make it look better! I spray paint EVERYTHING that is structurally pretty, but cosmetically ugly. 🙂 Your kitchen is to die for. The cabinets are my favorite!

    • I am so scared! I am shopping for mirrors for 2 bathrooms too and today I found some I liked, but wrong color – couldn’t decide if I trusted myself to paint them!! 🙂

      • If you don’t like it anyway, spray paint it and if its awful throw it away 🙂

      • It is so hard to mess up spray paint. Give it a try. I have spray painted a ton of gold items to the new oil rubbed brozen and they have all turned out great.

  2. I was going to say…spray that fixture an off white! It would look so good! You can do it…it’ll be up high so no one will notice the occasional drip. 🙂

  3. Your kitchen is just beautiful! Love your cabinets and love all of the natural light you have coming into that space!

  4. I think spray paint the fixture the color of your kitchen faucet and cabinet knobs–the style is good just outdated color…and your kitchen looks great…love your cabinit and trin work…awesome detail!

  5. Don’t be afraid! Spray paint that light fixture!! It really makes a big difference. I have painted several of mine and they look so much better. Thanks so much for the diaper info too! : )

  6. How do the ET diapers look when washed/dried? I bought a diaper from MCA Studios and it looked AMAZING when I first received it. I always wash my diapers before doing applique, so I was anxious to see how it looked once out of the dryer. It was HORRIBLE. All wavy/bumpy. Even ironing it didn’t fix it. I was so disappointed.

    • I don’t think any cloth diaper is going to come out of the laundry looking like it did when you first got it! As long as they are soft, absorbent, etc. I think they are doing their job! 🙂

  7. Thanks for the comparison, now onto the kitchen remodel…. My sister-in-law put a couch where your sweet one is doing ballet and it’s wonderful!! My brother rests there while the kids play in the area between the couch and the console table area while you are cooking. Sometimes its just nice to have the whole family in the same room!

  8. I use the Gerber Premium 6-ply cloth diapers (6 per pack at Babies R Us) and they are so much nicer than the regular Gerber birdseye cloth diapers (12 per pack). They look very similar to the ET diapers!

  9. I am using cloth diapers from lilhelperdiapers and I have found them to be very good.

  10. Angela hoffman says

    Not sure if you stil have this blog, but about the diapers. I’m confused on the price. Is it $3 for one diaper? Or 13

  11. $3+ a diaper seems expensive to me…. ?

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