Good morning! Jeff & I had a conversation this week about my blog and basically the fact that I need to suck it up and post more, whether it has to do with sewing or not. He has also volunteered to try to help me not only come up with post ideas, but also type some up himself. Stay tuned on that! I can use all the help I can get!!

Let me start out by saying that if you aren’t a dog lover, or if you are afraid of dogs or just don’t like them, go ahead and disregard this post. Move on to Facebook or Pinterest. Don’t read it, because all it contains is dog photos from my phone. There are {embarrassingly} many many many more, but I picked out my favorites to share with you. What can I say? This dog is always near and she’s always doing cute things!! I would NOT have called myself a dog lover a year ago, but last July Jeff & I caved from months upon months of begging from our 3 kids. First we started entertaining the idea of a dog, then did a little research, and then I found MAGGIE! Now I will just show you how cute she is. She is like my 4th child and I adore her, and she also drives me crazy sometimes too.

This was the day I got her. Browder was at summer camp and the other 2 were at my mom’s, so this was a total surprise. She was born in June and we got her in July when she was about 6 weeks old. Look at that face!!!

photo (48)

I had her in my sewing room early! These spools of thread were about her size.

photo (47)

When she got old enough I did puppy training at our local Petsmart. Is it Pets Mart? Or Pet Smart? Anyway, the kids joined me for the last night when Mags was awarded her graduation certificate. She DID learn to sit and a few other tricks. She DID NOT learn how to like other dogs. We are still working on that one.

photo (50)

Now on to the fun stuff! One night I walked in the kitchen and it was as if Maggie was coloring and doing homework with Sissy! She really is like a 4th child.

photo (49)

This is Maggie relaxing on our Costco bear, Chocolate. Our neighbor has fallen asleep on this bear before so I can see where the dog also likes it.

photo (51)

This is what I’m talkin’ about when I say she drives me crazy! For a foofy little white dog, she loves to dig in the dirt, especially 5 minutes before we are supposed to be somewhere.

photo (18)

I can’t stay mad for long! Just look at those eyes!!

photo (54)

All 3 kids adore her, and often fight over her attention.

photo (53)

She is especially cuddly at night.

photo (52)

She’s often found hanging out in my sewing room/office too.

photo (55)

This was before her latest hair cut. Jeff would probably never admit how much he loves Maggie too! Of course he won’t dare take her on a walk and rarely takes her anywhere in his car. His friends might pull his man card you know.

photo (57)

Another snuggly picture.

photo (56)

This was last week after her first “PUPPY CUT”. Again, hanging out in my office {on my chair nonetheless}.

photo (58)

Last Friday we had some serious computer issues, so Jeff was on it trying to fix the problem. Maggie was on it too.

photo (59)

I think this was this past Sunday. We spent some time in the front yard and Mags spent some time with the grass.

photo (60)

This was last night (Jeff’s foot, not mine).

photo (61)

And lastly (thank goodness some of you are saying) this was this morning. She is never far from me! I’ve been fighting “the crud” this week so this morning we spent some time watching The Today Show with a cup of coffee!

photo (62)

I guess writing a whole blog post with nothing but dog pictures qualifies me as a DOG LOVER?? I’m truly embarrassed by all of the pics on my phone of the DOG, but she is just so cute!! Have a great day, and I hope you enjoyed a little of my Maggie!


  1. Carol Farnum says:

    These are precious – keep posting! And we even have a picture of our bichon at her first birthday party – complete with hat!

  2. Debbie White says:

    Rosemary, I have missed your blogs. Maggie is a precious Maltese. You just can’t resist tose precious faces.

  3. I loved your post!! She is beautiful!!

  4. I love this post!! Maggie is precious! I’m glad I’m not the only one with excessive phone pics of my dog. 🙂

  5. Bec Clarke says:

    Oh I love Maltese dogs, we had one when I was in High School and he was such a character, he used to love to rub is face and dig in the dirt also.
    They are such great members of the family. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Dogs are a part of the family…..I also have a Maltese named Maggie who is my extra child (since mine are grown) and is spoiled!!! She accompanies me to my sewing studio, sits in my lap while I smock and keeps me company snuggling on the couch. I have several pictures of her in my blog as well as we were in the studio— Loved seeing your dog posts! From “Maggie Pearl” (we’re Southern) and me!

  7. Tisha Williams says:

    Love it, Rosemary! I have a schnorkie (schnauzer/yorkie) and she is definitely my 3rd child! Maggie is adorable and so are your kiddos! Keep posting!

  8. I love your blog! And refer to it often for tips on monogramming and supplies…and the dog pics are so cute! We had a dog that would hang out in my sewing room all the time…I loved it. Even if you would post pictures of things you are working on it would be great!

  9. After I discovered your helpful site, I read sooo many of your old blogs. I appreciated how ‘real’ it was regarding balancing work and home. It was hilarious at times but also so informational. I was so inspired by all you did with your first machine. Thanks!

  10. Hi Rosemary!

    I’m not a blogger or avid blog reader but I must admit yours is one I enjoy and find most helpful! Just recently I read this one about Maggie, she is too cute! We have 13 1/2 year old Lab who is simply perfect! I’ve been sad because she is really starting to show her age. Your blog however has really cheered all of us up and inspired me to get a fluffy little dog! This is a big step for me because I’ve always been a lab lover but there is just something about your little Maggie that we can’t resist! So thank you for sharing all of the adorable picetures, we are looking forward to finding a new member of our family soon! Take care, Beth

  11. She is so sweet! We have a puppy who looks just like her. He’s half maltese and half shih tzu.
    Random question…the very last photo…where did you find the lapdesk?! I love it!

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