Road Trip!!


I am super excited about a SHOPPING EVENT coming up in February 2015! The Everything Embroidery Market will take place in Chattanooga, TN on February 20-21st. Check out their Facebook page to keep up with who will be there and everything you need to know! The website is to register, find hotel information and much more. Who all will be there??


ME!!!! ……. I missed the Applique Conference this year so I’m excited to be there to see everyone and get to shop, network and learn some new things! Best of all, I WILL have a display table but won’t be teaching or anything so it’ll be a stress-free and fun trip! Not that teaching is stressful but you know what I mean… 🙂

Who else?

Sassy Kid Blanks, Southern Home Blanks, (my favorite!!), Monkey Tails Blanks, All Stitched Up by Angela/Angela’s Fabric and Trim, web designer just to name a few ~ LIKE their Facebook page to find out who else is coming. There are other applique/embroidery website friends coming too! I hope to see you there!

Basic Blanks

Hello readers! It has been a while since I last posted! School started. Soccer started. Homework started. Did I mention that school and soccer started? And homework? It has been a busy few weeks settling back in to school and homework X 3. The first couple of weeks were ROUGH, but I think we are settling in and getting in to a good routine. All 3 of my kids play soccer also, so that’s another story. Oh, and now Football Season has started. I feel like we JUST watched football like a month ago (from last season) and now it’s on my TV again. Happy Fall! 

So….. I have posted in the past about hats (just search “HATS”). I have also posted about blanks and have a nifty list on my blog – look under LINKS. I wanted to elaborate on some basic blanks that I’ve come to love. When I say basic, I mean hats, visors, Comfort Colors t-shirts, pigment dyed stuff, etc. The hats below are Adams Brand and can be found at Apparel N Bags. These are “pigment dyed” which is super popular right now. I have posted these hats before this summer and these designs are from Applique Cafe of course (Anchor Patch & Mini Dog).

photo 4 (4) photo 4 (6)

Another item I just got and LOVE – see below! This is a Comfort Colors long sleeved t-shirt from Apparel N Bags also. The color is Neon Red Orange, and when I first got it I had no idea what I was going to do with it. I dug through my fabric bins and honestly didn’t have ANY neon fabric to match for an applique. So… I decided to go with a classic monogram. This is Monogram Wizard Plus “Master Circle”, which is my GO-TO monogram font for like everything under the sun for girls. After much debate on thread colors, I went with Isacord #4240 which is a pretty blue color. My monogram is 4.88″ X 4.96″ so kind of big. This is a YXS sized shirt, and believe me, the color is NEON! I love the colors together and am happy with the way it turned out!


These pictures don’t really reflect how bright the shirt color is, but it’s a great color!


This is my sweet precious daughter, and this is what she wears like every day after school. Nike shorts are a staple, and any t-shirt she can find. Doesn’t have to match! Another reason I will be ordering some of the CC l/s tees is for her! At least I can monogram the shirt and it may look a little cuter?!? Maybe I should match ALL of her Nike shorts?


A few more pics!

IMG_9060 IMG_9061

What do you think? Check out Apparel N Bags for other cool “BASIC BLANKS”!! They sell everything from duffle bags to t-shirts to infant blanks!

Have you visited Applique Cafe recently?? If so, you may have noticed our “Digitzer’s Pick” on our home page! We now have like 800+ designs on our website! So…. we thought it might be a great idea to showcase some of our older designs so you don’t forget about them!  Our PICK right now is actually a design from last year I think, but it was too cute not to *pick*!! Click HERE to check out our Joy 4 design! The way it works is that we will randomly pick a design to showcase and feature it on our home page. We might leave it up there for a week, or it may be 3 days. I didn’t want to set a schedule (like a design of the week) because we all know how busy everyone is and how forgetful I am and I wanted to be able to change it out when I have time and feel like it! We hope you enjoy our PICKS! p.s. I am working on a cute graphic to feature the chosen designs on for my website! For now you get my Pic Monkey graphics.

joy 4 500

Have a great rest-of-the-weekend!!

Almost Summer!

Good afternoon! We are counting down to Summer around here! My kids get out of school next Friday, May 23rd! A couple of weeks ago I made the trip down to Ruthie’s Notions in Baker, Florida to teach a Basics of Applique class (my usual topic). I was there for 2 days, and managed to snap 3 whole pictures. Below are some samples that I have sewn (or appliqued or monogrammed)  and took to show. Everyone just LOVED all of the blanks! These are all Applique Cafe designs of course. I believe all of the monogramming is Monogram Wizard Plus “Master Circle” font.

photo (36)

More monogrammed and appliqued items! I am obsessed with the colors in this bag!! It’s a coral-y peach color monogram (Monogram Wizard Plus “Master Circle” font) on a “spa” colored jute bag, which came from a local store that I do monogramming for. The towel and bag were both Mother’s Day gifts for my mom! 🙂

photo (37)

I also took lots of awesome blanks that I did not get a chance to stitch! Again, everyone went crazy over all the blanks! There is a list of blanks suppliers here on my blog – click HERE (in LINKS).

photo (38)

Here are several new designs we will be listing later today! I love Bird designs! You could also put fabric under the nest stitching and make it raggy (fabric + flannel). blog birds closeup blog birds

This is a great one for the boys! We live near Lake Martin (Alabama) so we spend a lot of time on a Pontoon Boat! These are my favorite colors for summer {after the spa/coral color combo}!blog boat

This Pontoon Boat was sewn by Glenda at That’s 2 Cute. Find her on Facebook! She added some ric rac for the water which is adorable!!


This is our new Mini Raggy Oval Patch, which can be sewn on anything. I typically use a layer of flannel (white or any color) underneath my fabric for raggy designs. You simply trim, leaving about 1/8″ around (give or take) and then scrape with your scissors to create the raggy effect. For this VISOR, I stitched the patch on a medium weight tearaway stabilizer. I hooped the stabilizer, then sewed the patch on to it just like any applique (fabric + white flannel). I then trimmed around the patch, pulled away the stabilizer and glued it to the visor using Fabric Fusion fabric glue. You could also stitch this on using a cap frame/cap hoop if you have a multi needle machine. blog visor

Here is the same patch on a pair of cute lounge shorts. These were sewn by Glenda at That’s 2 Cute (custom monogramming and appliques). Precious!!!!!blogthats2cute

This is Whale 4 stitched on a Blanks Boutique onesie. Their onesies snap up the back, which makes it super easy to monogram and applique! I was able to get a 5×7 design on this onesie.

blog whale

Again, here’s That’s 2 Cute’s version on a cute pink Monag dress. Remember my post about Pic Monkey? That’s what she used to add the “water” overlay on the photo!


We are working on getting these listed as I type! In case you didn’t know, all designs are on sale through tomorrow, Wednesday, May 14th! Have a great day!!