What is your Spring color?

Here are several new Applique Cafe designs we’ve done in the past few weeks….

First, School of Fish.

Second, Easter Train.

Third, Beach Truck.

Fourth, Add a Birthday Hat.

Lastly (and listed just this morning), Sailboat Patch. (BTW, I believe the fish fabric is called Snorkel? I bought it at InTown Quilters in Decatur, GA).

Do you see anything in common with all of them, besides the fact that they are all very much color coordinated? I am digging ORANGE for spring!! I’ve always been a green fanatic! I love everything green (I took after my Grandmother!). G has green walls (and B did too before he got ‘big’). Sissy’s room is pink & green. I like green clothes, M’s green crocs and the list goes on and on! But, I also love orange for spring and summer (and Auburn football) and especially for KIDS!

I’m not sure if you pay attention to the menu on top of my blog? One of the reasons I changed over to WordPress was so that I could have this menu. Home is home (duh!), about is about me (I need to add a photo), recommendations is my list of software recommendations (Sew What Pro, etc) and as you see below, LINKS is my list of online fabric resources and also clothing blanks (tees and fancier stuff). I get this question a lot and have found myself copying and pasting this link on Facebook a lot lately (mostly people looking for blanks), so I thought I’d point it out! This list is miniature I’m sure to what all is out there! If you have a favorite fabric website, please share it with me! Blanks too!

And case in point, my website and blog are both GREEN with a hint of ORANGE!!

Here is a precious cute outfit I had made for Sissy. I also have orange gingham ruffle pants  ~ both pants and shorts match another top I bought from someone for like $10 to cover the monogram on and use for M. Check out sewhappyblog.blogspot.com. I’m almost afraid to advertise her b/c she may get too busy for me! Carrie was also behind the cute Sailboat Patch design and I can’t wait to see how she does it (with 1 fabric for the boat I believe).

So here are some of my favorite fabrics to work with. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these Fabric Finders 1/8″ ginghams! They are so soft and thick and are great for appliques! I also have many many many other Michael Miller Ta Dots (red, pink, green, etc) but I love these colors for spring also! Again, the Ta Dots are super soft and thick and GREAT for applique!

Do you have a blog that you can’t go a day without reading? If so, share it with me! I love my little blog list, but some people don’t post as often as I need want so I find myself wanting more on my list to read and “gain inspiration” from! It doesn’t have to do with embroidery or monogramming or applique! As I keep seeing on Facebook, TIA (Thanks In Advance)!!